Todd Hefferman Q&A

Todd Hefferman is a reporter at The Southern.  He graduated from the University of Iowa, and has been covering SIU Saluki athletics since 2008.


Q.) What is one of your personal favorite story or interview you’ve ever done?

A.) Deanna Price has been my favorite story to cover so far.  I have covered her since she arrived at SIU, and to watch her grow as a thrower and eventually qualify for the Olympics has been a great experience for me.  She is a great person both on and off the field.


Q.) Why did you choose writing for newspapers instead of the internet or television?

A.) I always thought writing for a newspaper would be a fun job, you get to ask the questions no one else gets to ask.  Instead of playing the sports, I get to cover them and immerse myself in them.  The newspaper goes out at 10:30 but the internet is up 24hrs a day, so having the best story possible drives me in a competitive way just like the athletes.


Q.) How did you start in the industry?

A.) I played sports in high school so that sparked my interest in the field.  First I got a job with a paper in Iowa covering tennis and gymnastics.  I enjoyed tennis but didn’t know much about gymnastics.

After that I moved to the swimming beat.  I thought swimming would be a simple sport to cover but boy was I wrong.  My biggest challenge there was dealing with the coach who was a pain in my ass.  He never talked about injuries or any serious matters on the team.  My starting solution was going through the assistant coach for the information I needed.  Yet I still challenged the coach to talk to me.  Eventually he opened up and we ended up working very well together.




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